Artisan Tea Masterclass & Tasting

Asha Tea House


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  • Artisan Tea Masterclass & Tasting
  • Artisan Tea Masterclass & Tasting
  • Artisan Tea Masterclass & Tasting
  • Artisan Tea Masterclass & Tasting
  • Artisan Tea Masterclass & Tasting
  • Artisan Tea Masterclass & Tasting

April 17, 2022 @ 10:00-11:30am PT

Take a deep dive into the world of tea with David Lau and Diana Lui MS ‘10, purveyors of artisan teas and owners of Asha Tea House, a specialty café in the Bay Area that features globally-inspired, hand-crafted tea beverages, responsibly-sourced whole leaf teas, and specialty tea ware.

Showcasing photos from past sourcing trips, David and Diana will discuss how one tea plant is transformed into different types of tea through cultivation and processing. They will then share pro tips for brewing and tasting as they walk us through a guided tasting of a custom blend organic green tea from Japan and a high mountain oolong tea from Taiwan. The tasting will be followed by a Q&A session. 

Engineers by training but tea aficionados at heart, David and Diana were inspired to start Asha Tea House in 2012 with the goal of enhancing the tea-drinking experience in America. They travel extensively to curate a unique collection of exquisite tea from small growers in China, Japan and Taiwan, and make almost all ingredients for their specialty café beverages from scratch. Asha’s teas are available for purchase online and in-person at their three locations, which have been designed with a warm and welcoming aesthetic for all tea enthusiasts.

Join in the group tasting real-time! Purchase a kit ($40) for the event, which includes:

  • 1oz Bag of Organic Sencha Green Tea (approx. 10 servings)
  • 2oz Bag of Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea (approx. 10 servings)
  • (optional) Stainless steel tea infuser to use with cup/mug for an additional $15
  • (optional) Glass tea brewer for an additional $30
  • Coupon code for 15% discount on next tea purchase
  • Includes shipping & handling

Purchases made after April 1st are not guaranteed to arrive in time for the event. 

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