Kaikado Tea Caddy (200g)

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  • Kaikado Tea Caddy (200g)
  • Kaikado Tea Caddy (200g)
  • Kaikado Tea Caddy (200g)
  • Kaikado Tea Caddy (200g)

Since 1875, Kaikado tea caddies have been hand-crafted using a process that takes 130 steps. They are intended for tea storage, but can also be used to store coffee, spices, or any other dried foods that need to be kept in an airtight, light proof container.

Do not place in the freezer/refrigerator, and do not wash with water. When cared for properly, the metal surface of each tin will develop a deeper color and sheen as they age.

Dimensions: 92 mm D x 100mm H
Holds approximately
2 oz of big leaf tea (e.g. Ancient Trees Pu'er)
4 oz of small leaf tea (e.g. Misty Peak)
8 oz of rolled tea (e.g. Lishan)

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