Yixing Clay Teapot, 5oz Beauty (Red Clay)



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  • Yixing Clay Teapot, 5oz Beauty (Red Clay)
  • Yixing Clay Teapot, 5oz Beauty (Red Clay)

The shape of this teapot is called beauty or Xi Shi, a beauty of ancient China. The round shape of the pot resembles a beautiful face. 6 oz capacity.

The porous clay of Yixing clay teapots absorb tannins and thereby yield a smoother, rounder overall brew. This allows the user to increase the quantity of tea leaf used and obtain a fuller, thicker tasting tea without excessive astringency and tannins.

Use 25 - 50% more tea leaf if desired, or keep the dosage the same and enjoy a more subtle brew. This is a perfect brewing vessel for those who like an easy clean pour and low maintenance. Check out our Tea Ware Guides for instructions on how to use a Yixing clay pot to steep your favorite teas!

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