Wood-Fired Tea Cup (Asha x Toroo Studio)

Toroo Studio


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  • Wood-Fired Tea Cup (Asha x Toroo Studio)
  • Wood-Fired Tea Cup (Asha x Toroo Studio)

These exquisite wood-fired cups hail from Toroo Studio in Korea, where Bay Area ceramicist Marco Minetti @minettidesign has been apprenticing with master potter Kwak Kyung Tae @kwakkyungtae.

We carry two version of these light yet durable porcelain cups--the "coral" version, showcasing natural colors from the wood kiln, and an "ash" version, created using a custom glaze that brings out yellow and green hues.

Wood firing is an arduous process that takes upwards of one week from setup to breakdown. The pieces go into the kiln unglazed, and the ash from the wood collects onto the surface, creating a natural glaze over the 24-36 hours during firing.  

~10oz capacity.

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