Matcha [Premier] *ORGANIC*



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  • Matcha [Premier] *ORGANIC*
  • Matcha [Premier] *ORGANIC*
  • Matcha [Premier] *ORGANIC*

Kyushu Island, Japan

Our premier grade organic matcha is bright, grassy, crisp, and smooth. The mouthfeel and taste of this tea is very round and three dimensional with a subtle sweetness. The astringency is very minimal for an organically grown matcha, and especially when compared to our select grade organic matcha.

For a traditional, pure drinking experience, we highly recommend our premier or imperial grades. For latte's and ingredient use, we recommend our select grade. 

Organic matcha is grown without any fertilizer, and as a result it has a crisp, grassy taste versus the nutty, sweet flavor of conventionally grown matcha.

A 30 bag makes about 15 servings. 

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