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Aichi Prefecture, Japan

30g size comes in a sealed pull top tin and is perfect for gift giving. 80g sizes and up come in bags, and are perfect for refilling your tin or can be used straight from the bag. 

In 2012, our insta-worthy layered matcha latte kickstarted the matcha craze, and our matcha is still touted as the best in the Bay Area.

A discerning palate and a commitment to preserving tradition has driven our search for matcha so delicious that it’s life-changing, and led us to a small, family-owned business that oversees production from plant to powder. We believe that our matcha will take your matcha drinks and/or treats to the next level. Just give it a try, and you'll see what we mean. 

Our full-flavored select ceremonial grade matcha is produced entirely from tender first flush tea leaves. This is the same matcha that we use at our tea houses, to craft all of our cafe drinks. Enjoy straight up, or pour over milk to create Asha's signature matcha latte.

A 30g tin makes about 15 servings, and an 80g bag about 40 servings. 

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