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  • Matcha [Select] *ORGANIC*
  • Matcha [Select] *ORGANIC*
  • Matcha [Select] *ORGANIC*

Kyushu Island, Japan

Organic matcha is grown without any fertilizers, and as a result it has a crisp and grassy taste with higher astringency versus the nutty and round flavor of conventional matcha.

Milk complements organic matcha very well as it helps to round out the higher level of astringency. Our select grade organic matcha is ground entirely from first flush tea leaves, but it is also worth noting that its color is not as deep green as our select grade conventional matcha. 

Enjoy straight up with 1.5x the water that you would normally use for conventional matcha, or pour a concentrated shot over milk to create Asha's signature matcha latte. A 30g bag makes about 15 servings. 

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